Wednesday, March 6, 2002

The day I turned another year older

Heya guys! Quoting from what the first part of my dad's text message: "Some twenty four years ago, around 4 o'clock in the morning, you were born." Yes, last February 26, 2012, I celebrated my 24th birthday. God, twenty four? why I still feel the same as when I was in high school? haha. Have you ever felt that? like knowing your age number is increasing but still feel the same way? Not that I'm acting immatured, in fact, I think I'm acting very well according to my age, it's just that I feel that nothing has changed about me. Is it normal? or maybe that's just how fast time passes. What do you think? When I was a lot younger, every time I hear someone who is on his/her twenties I thought he/she is already old. so, anyway I said the word "younger" instead of "young" because I know that being twenty four or in twenties means you're still young and definitely not old, okay? A thing that you should correct to the kids, because for sure they're thinking the same thing when I was a child. And when you re`ch the age of 30's or even 40's correct them again. hahaha :))

So here are some photos from that day:

After having snacks and playing some games at our house, we went to Fiesta Island Seafood Hub (FISH) located at Visayas Avenue, QC.

love the ambiance

the wicked sisters. lol! :)

what we ordered: special bangus(milkfish), camaron rebosado, pancit canton, kinilaw (raw fish with vinegar and  coconut milk) and baked scallops(my fave). :)

with my two kids (they gave me a card that day, aww sweet of them)

kiddos! :) 

warming up for a 4-hour fun karaoke. :)

cool wallpaper makes us feel like we were at the beach.

the husbands, who stayed outside at the later part to have some coffee and talk which gave us(girls) more freedom to do the dancing. lol! :)
with my wonderful Sab :)

I had so much fun and of course the greetings from my family, friends, and relatives made my day extra special. :)

thank you so much guys!! :)