Saturday, March 31, 2012

What Makes Belly Rings The Most Popular Body Jewelry

Why are belly rings the most popular body piercing jewelry? One word can answer that question: sexy. This type of pierce is most certainly the sexiest type of piercing that a female can have. While some facial piercing can be seen as perhaps a bit extreme and other types of piercings might not show when one has their clothes on, what makes belly rings the most popular body jewelry is that in warm temperatures, one can easily show the piercing off and guys will be drooling! What could make a tummy sexier than a dangling, sparkling belly button piece of art? Find out how the proper way to get that belly pierced!
Popular Body Jewelry
Popular Body Jewelry
Sure, when it comes to jewelry we have tons of choices. We can decorate our ears with earrings, although they can be sexy, if your hair is long enough those earrings won’t even show. Necklaces are great accessories to outfits and the right necklace can pull together an outfit; however it does not yell “sexy”. Bracelets are cute and especially if you have matching or coordinating bracelets and necklaces, your look will be very nicely pulled together; but they don’t quite scream “sexy” either.
Rings are wonderful, if you keep your nails nice, rings can catch someone’s attention and the right rings can let others know that you have the mullah to treat your digits to some bling. But again, rings do not exactly scream “sexy”! Anklets are perhaps the second sexiest body jewelry; they can be very tantalizing to the opposite sex. Some may argue that belly chains run a close second as well.
The single sexiest pieces of jewelry you can have are belly rings. Why are belly rings the most popular body jewelry, you may ask. Plenty of reasons. Men find them extremely teasing and sexy, especially if you have a shirt that ends right where the piercing begins. Or perhaps a top that teases the piercing and depending on how you move, others will see glimpses of your piercing and only want to see more.