Saturday, March 17, 2012

Inter-class Competition

Last March 9, we had an inter-class competition at school, which was basically my idea. It is a competition where the students of all humanities classes will be given an opportunity showcase their talents and abilities on their chosen art performance. There were a group of students who performed "ala" Victoria Secret fashion show, some executed a dance musical, and the others portrayed a drama.

I told my students that the fifty percent grades of their final exam will be based on the judges' score on their performance, so imagine how much effort and arguments they have to go through to get what they want. Arguments, because they all have conflicting ideas and not to mention that they're also time pressured.

My students preparing their props

Me, in a monochromatic brown, announcing the rules and the criteria for judging

My PM class, dancing to the song of Lady Marmalade from the movie, Moulin rouge 

from my AM class, portraying the role of F4 from Meteor Garden.
Ala High school Musical

look at those vacant seats. I took this photo at the near end of the program and apparently as expected, A lot of students sneaked out.

After the program, though my students didn't win, I'm still happy and so are they.

giving our judges a free snacks and drinks.
so, that's it and thank God, it was successful and fun.

till next time! :)